Agustina Sario & Matthieu Perpoint

MATTHIEU PERPOINT was born in France in 1978. After obtaining his nursing degree, he discovered movement thanks to Benoit Lachambre, Franz Polstra and Kirstie Simson. He met David Zambrano in 2005 and performed in 12 flies went out at noon and Soul Project. He also performed in Song and Dance and Animal by Mark Tompkins, whom he assisted in Seven Veils from 2005 to 2008. From 2006 to 2012 he worked with Maguy Marin at the National Choreographic Center Rillieux La Pape, taking part in: May B, Turba, Description d’un combat and Salves. Since 2012 he has been co-directing his own choreographic research in Buenos Aires along with Agustina Sario. He has also worked in collaboration with Luis Biasotto, Alejo Moguillansky, Luciana Acuña, Diana Szeinblum, Rafael Spregelburg and Matias Feldman in several dance, cinema, and theatre projects. At the same time he offers seminars and regular courses of improvisation, “Clínicas de Creación” (Creation Clinics), in collaboration with Agustina Sario.

AGUSTINA SARIO is choreographer, teacher and interpreter, Choreographic Assistant in the National Company of Contemporary Dance - Ministry of Culture of the Nation-Argentina. Degree in psychology. She currently holds a Doctorate in Arts, UNA. She has worked in various national companies and international: Mouvoir (Germany), Krapp (Argentina), Cia Alexandra Bachzetsis (Switzerland), Ci´a Maguy Marin (France). She created “Hueco-Planteo Coreogra´fico” 2004, “como siempre” 2007, "3 ideas idiotas" 2015, "Vestida de Novia" 2017 "Solo no3" 2018, "4 Movimientos para una Sinfoni´a"2019, "Montaje: Entre Obelisco y Tribnales” 2020. In order to accomplish her works, she has received subsidies from Argentine and foreign institutions. She was invited to Theaters and Festivals from Latinoamerica, United States, Asia y Europe (Festival de Cannes, 2007, Festival Avignon, 2009, ImPulsTanz, 2009) among others.