Vladimir Miller

Vladimir Miller (born 1978 in Uljanovsk, Russia) is an artist researcher, scenographer and dramaturge. His practice aims at re-negotiating habitual modes of spatial production by using fragility as a building principle. He uses collective construction- and building processes to investigate the relationship between practice and space within ad-hoc groups and institutional environments. His work questions the paradigms of stability embedded within spaces of cultural production in order to produce self- organised and open environments of artistic practice.

Vladimir Miller has been a frequent collaborator with the choreographers Philipp Gehmacher, Meg Stuart, Anne Juren and others. As scenographer, co-author, dramaturge and performer he contributed to and co-created a number of performances and video installations which toured extensively in Europe and abroad. In 2018-19 he was Dramaturge in Residence at Decoratelier/Josef Wouters, co-creating with him „Underneath which Rivers Flow" and „The Soft Layer".

His work in education is closely interwoven with his research. As program curator and mentor at a.pass and other institutions he creates multi disciplinary collaborative environments and project trajectories, which encourage the artists and researcher he works with to challenge their given practice processes and to contribute to a shared space of collective learning. He is currently completing his PhD in Practice at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and will be he designated curator for the upcoming cycle of the a.pass Research Center.